Mission & Vision


To help youth & young adults attain inner-healing & pursue purpose filled lives through proven holistic strategies.


To serve as instruments of transformation by providing inner-healing from traumas and freedom from destructive habits and mindsets, as we strive to end the pattern of incarceration; unwanted pregnancies; and unnecessary hardships.

We seek to ultimately own a facility that will provide the means to fully engage our ‘holistic’ approach to development providing ‘aged out’ foster youth with a path towards eventual independence.

Our Services


Public Speaking

Foster Care Awareness
Employee Training
Leadership Seminars
School Gatherings
Youth Events

*And more

Life Skills Education

We connect youth to local resources & equip them with tools which will help them become self-sufficient adults, in addition to training foster staff & parents how to do the same.

Mentorship Programs

 “Every word & action sends a message, telling children how to think of themselves.
May we choose that which says: 'You are a developing person & I am interested in your development.'”
-Carol S. Dweck

Leadership Training

“A leader’s job is not to teach people ‘something,' but rather to help people learn to prepare themselves for anything.”
-Romeyo Kirven

Art Therapy Programs

Our Art Programs are designed to improve one's self-image & overall emotional well being.

Emotional Intelligence Courses

Self-Image Courses
Habit Deconstruction
Habit Reformation
Mindset Recalibration

*And more

Kirven Transformations

Lubbock, TX